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DreamWave Survivor: A Swiss Army Knife

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Ournewcolumn“OntheRedTable”isdedicatedtogadgetsandallothertechthingsthatgoaboveandbeyondtheordinary.  DidyoueverthinkthatyourBluetoothspeakerscould…jumpstartyourcar?Well,forusit’snotnewsanymore,sincew

Our new column “On the Red Table” is dedicated to gadgets and all other tech things that go above and beyond the ordinary. 


Did you ever think that your Bluetooth speakers could … jumpstart your car? Well, for us it’s not news anymore, since we got our hands on the DreamWave Survivor speakers.


Design is plain, but stylish, and literally begs you to drop the speakers down if you dare to doubt how reliable they are. DreamWave speakers are perfectly designed for everyone who likes outdoor activities versus watching Netflix on the sofa. Plus, the USB that comes with them greatly appeals to all who want to make sure they wouldn’t be left for dead out in the wild without a reception.


The speakers have the IPX5 certificate, which means they can confidently handle sand, water and even shower with bath. With a perfect combination of metal, plastic and rubber, they pretty much can handle everything you throw at them.


Now, let’s talk more about day-to-day use.


Going on a picnic? DreamWave is a perfect solution if you want the music to play for up to 16 hours (seven if you like it really loud).


With these speakers you would also be able to charge your tablet, phone or any other device that works with USB (5V/1A output).


Do you need to jumpstart your car? No problem. In a package you’ll find a special cable that is capable to jumpstart all engines up to 7 liters.


Do you need a Bluetooth to answer your calls? With a built-in mic you would be able to do that with DreamWave Survivor, no need for your phone.


Do you need a super bright light (110 Lumens)? You will find it here as well. Plus, you would be able to use it as a SOS signal too, if needed.


While this all sounds great for a device that costs only $279, that’s still not the most important part of it. The main function of all speakers is, of course, the quality of sound. As a majority of Bluetooth speakers, you shouldn’t expect a massive bass, but overall everything is very balanced. However, if you do need more power, you might want to go with the Tremor version that’ll give 50W more and the possibility to sync both of these speakers, so the total power would double.


Overall, DreamWave Survivor is certainly not a cure for untreatable illnesses; however, this device might just save you in many other circumstances – from jumpstarting a car to charging your cell phone, even while left out in the wild.




30W High Premium | Performance Sound System | 400A Emergency Car Battery Jump Starter | 110 Lumens LED Flashlight w/SOS Flash | IPX5 Water/Dust/Sand/Snow Protection | Bluetooth CSR 4.0 + EDR, A2DP AVRCP, APTX | 12,000mAh Rechargeable Battery (Power Bank) |


Play time: Up to 16 Hours (7 Hours Max Volume, Full Bass Status) | Hands-Free Calling and NFC Ready | USB 5V/1A Port for Charging Mobile Devices | Hi-Fi Sound and Anti-Distortion Circuity


Price: $279


Covered by Dennis Bindarau