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Take your music everywhere you go with bubble pods

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We absolutely love music in our house. Rarely does a day go by that someone isn’t listening to music somewhere in our house. And outside, too! With all this beautiful summer weather yet to soak in, we often take our music outside with us when we’re playing or working. We’re firm believers in “whistling while we work” to make the work go by a little faster

So I’m always on the look out for great bluetooth speakers that can hold-up to our outdoor adventures! And recently we put the DreamWave Bubble Pods to that test!


The DreamWave Bubble Pods are these super cute compact (4″x3″x2″) bluetooth speakers that are designed with outdoor adventures in mind! The IPX5 protection keeps the speaker protected against water, dust, sand…pretty much all the outdoor fun a kid will throw at it. And the built-in D-ring allows you to hook the Bubble Pod onto your backpack, bike, stroller, etc., keeping you hands free!



My Favorite Feature : The last thing I want to do is be changing batteries in a speaker every day. Been there, done that. It becomes a costly addition to our outdoorsy life. Thankfully the Bubble Pods have built-in rechargeable lithium batteries with a play time of 5 hours on max volume (more if you’re not cranked up and jamming like rockstars!). At the end of the day, we just plug in our Bubble Pods with the included cables and get them charged up for the next day!


His Favorite Feature : Honestly you guys, as long as the speaker doesn’t sound like total garbage, I’m good. I appreciate good sound but rarely get pick about it. My husband though….he gets picky. He needs the speaker to have really good sound. And the Bubble Pod passed his tests with flying colors! He was rambling on about things like omnidirectional sound (this is a good thing) and perfect levels of loudness without compromising the clarity and quality of the music. The takeaway = this little speaker packs a great sound punch!



Their Favorite Feature : Let me just say that my kids were immediately calling dibs on the Bubble Pods before they even knew what they were! All they saw were the fun colors and they knew they wanted it!




The Bubble Pods come in four very fun colors: Baby Blue, Bubblegum Pink, Jolly Green, and Sunshine Yellow. Which means that everyone gets their own color and I know exactly who left theirs laying in the yard at the end of the day. Totally BUSTED! Ok, so that’s not exactly why the kids like the fun colors (but a great bonus for me!). They like that extra pop of fun color to express their own style…or at least that’s what my pre-teen says.


Oh, a quick note about that IPX5 protection that I mentioned earlier :: Don’t mistake that as me saying these speakers are water proof. They are not! That protection just helps keep the speaker protected from light amounts of dust, sand, and splashing. So, be sure to use the D-ring and clip int on your pool chair so it doesn’t end up going for a dive in the deep end!


Now that we have that cleared up, I think the DreamWave Bubble Pods are definitely going to be a hot item for kids (and parents) as we cruise through the rest of this summer and even throughout the rest of the year! Rarely do you find a compact hands-free speaker that’s prefect for indoors and outdoors, is kid-tough, and super cute!



And cat approved!

You can find the DreawWave Bubble Pods on!

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