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DreamWave Audio Make inroads with Neox Group in Czech Republic

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June06,2018, DreamWaveAudioMakeinroadswithNeoxGroupinCzechRepublic NeoxGroup,animporteranddistributorofproductsfromhouseholdgoodsandappliances,consumerelectronics,entertainmentandPCaccessorieshadstart

June 06, 2018,  DreamWave Audio Make inroads with Neox Group in Czech Republic


Neox Group, an importer and distributor of products from household goods and appliances, consumer electronics, entertainment and PC accessories had started launching DreamWave in Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. DreamWave will be available online as well as chain stores in Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.



" We have been in touch with Neox Group since 2017. Neox had been evaluating our products and conducting the market survey with our full range of samples. We are delighted that we make the mark to be the only Outdoor Audio Brand distributed by Neox Group. We are looking forward to have a long term partnership with Neox to have our Brand and products available in the CE Stores, Lifestyle gadget stores , Musical Instruments and Prod-Audio stores " said VP of Global Sales, Ken Siow.

About DreamWave Audio:

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