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Sweet Valentines for DreamWave in South Korea

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DreamWave in Korea

14th Feb. 2018 Korea - DreamWave Audio USA,LLC , today announced it entered into a distributor agreement with KD Sound , a leading Consumer and Pro- Audio Market Player in Korea.

With this agreement, DreamWave will further extend the availability of its award winning and patented Audio products with signature sound to Korea

“The partnership with a well-respected distributor like KD Sound allows us to deliver our products and services effectively into South Korea market. Our current range of products complements and enhances the strong portfolio of KD Sound Brand representation they currently provide to their reseller, partners and channels. It’s a Sweet Valentines for both KD Sound and DreamWave" said Ken Siow,  DreamWave VP of Global Sales.

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" In the last couple of years one could see some significant changes in the consumer audio market. Above all new consumer trends and big shift from traditional audio to wireless and active solutions. Therefore, we have tried to find the assortment that would follow these trends. DreamWave with its range seems to be a perfect solution. What we like most about the DreamWave products is a combination of a unique design and a very good audio  quality. The products are perfect for outdoor use which is important for a potential buyer. Having known Ken for years, we like how he manages the Brand and always strive for Winning together with the partners.”said Kim Sang Heon, KD Sound, President.