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Dreamwave Announces Exclusive Distribution Agreement with MVP - Philippines
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Dreamwave Announces Exclusive Distribution Agreement with MVP - Philippines

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Dreamwave Announces Exclusive Distribution Agreement with MVP - Philippines

27 Feb 2017,DreamWave Audio USA, LLC, today announces its Exclusive Partnership with MVP Tech, a company of Motor Ventures Preferred, a distributor of leading and innovative car audio accessories, home speakers and other audio/video tech products. With this exciting partnership, DreamWave will further extend the availability of its award-winning and patented Audio products with signature sound to Philippines through its vast distribution network and digital commerce platform.



“The partnership with a creative and experienced distributor like MVP Tech allows us to deliver our products and services effectively all over the Philippines. Our current range of products compliments and enhances the strong portfolio of MVP Brand representation that they currently provide to their reseller partners and channels. Philippines is well known as a Music Nation with top Musicians and Music Lovers. In addition to our current range of products, DreamWave “Rock Star" world's 1st Multiple instrument, outdoor IPX5 with Bluetooth and 2.4G Multi- pairing features combo Amp which will be ready in Q2, 2017 will further enhance our Market share in Philippines.”  said Ken Siow, DreamWave VP of Sales.


"We take Brand Representation and DreamWave seriously, MVPreferred, through its technology company MVP Tech,had organized a very successful product launch of DreamWave at Brotzeit, Shangri-La at the Fort, Manila.



Channel partners, resellers, endorsers, and musicians attended the said event. Wealready started listing DreamWave in all the key outdoor sports, music instruments, Audio, Apple Premium Resellers, Mobile and Lifestyle stores beforethe launch of this event and we are already planning our next event / festivalfor Rockstar once it’s available in the Market. Part of our key strategy is also to invest in Digital Commerce and Digital Marketing for DreamWave," said Gian Nieves, MVP Tech, General Manager. "In the Philippines, all the users are very particular about sound. Many well-known Bluetooth Audio Brands did not achieve their expected result in Philippines even though huge investment is made in Marketing and Branding. This is due to Demand for high audio performance.Before embarking on the journey with DreamWave, we had equipped ourselves with a Distribution starter kit and started surveying the market and evaluating the products. The great comment from the partners and users had given us an even greater boost of confidence to secure the partnership with DreamWave.” added Gian.


Motor Ventures Preferred, is specialise on  Tech based productsdemanded by the industrial and consumer segment of the Philippine Market, ourstrength is synergising with Companies within our network to give competitiveadvantage to both companies, adding value in service, solutions and quality.


For Consumer market segment, we cater to the demands of havingportable entertainment systems and the likes, in the Philippines.

We partner with carefully selected shops and channels to maintainthe brand integrity, perform Marketing activities, organize campaigns andevents to build brand. We assure and exceed consumers and users expectation bygiving them the best product available in the current market or category.


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