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Dreamwave Announces Exclusive Distribution Agreement with SynStyle Vietnam
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Dreamwave Announces Exclusive Distribution Agreement with SynStyle Vietnam

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13thMarch,2017 LosAngeles,DreamWaveAudioUSA,LLCannouncedtodaythatithasappointedSynStyleasitsdistributorinVietnam.TheagreementincludesdistributionofDreamWaveupcomingnewproductfor MusicInstrumentChannel

13th March, 2017  Los Angeles, DreamWave Audio USA, LLC announcedtoday that it has appointed SynStyle as its distributor in Vietnam.

The agreement includesdistribution of DreamWave upcoming new product for  Music InstrumentChannels.


“With Synstyle as ourdistributor, we increase our presence in Asia and have a foothold in one of theworld fastest growing economy. “Our goal is to continuously improve ourcustomers’ experience in every aspect. Expanding our network of sales andchannels and being in close proximity to where our customers is a keyinitiative towards achieving that.” said Ken Siow, Vice President of GlobalSales.


“Over the last 3years, DreamWave has established itself as a premier Outdoor Audio Brand forAudiophiles. The relationship with DreamWave allows us to extend our reach tothe consumers who demand rugged and superior audio products. We can provide ourcustomers with a total solution to their Lifestyle and Outdoor needs.” saidEric Nguyen, Chairman of Synstyle.


About Synstyle:


SynStyle Distribution -SYN Style Co., Ltd is the official exclusive distributor of renowned brands :

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SynStyle Distribuitonhas a professional sales team and distribution network throughout the countryand is reputable to provide excellent service!

SynStyle Distribution iseffective business solutions, is able to generate sustainable growth andenables success for all partners and customers.


Trust, Reputation,product quality and assurance from SynStyle Distribution is the commitment ofour success.


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